2014 World Championships

I’ve been really busy since racing at the World Champs a couple of weeks ago and I’m struggling to reply to all those that congratulated me on the win. Thank you to all those that continue to support me, I hope this is just the start of an exciting two years. Check out the link below to watch the race in full.



Henley Royal Regatta 2014

I’ll be racing at this years Henley Royal Regatta in the Grand Challenge Cup. This is the premier eights category and so usually has quite a small but punchy entry. This year there are two entries coming from the GB and French national teams. My race will be on Sunday so a few more days of prep are left.

If you’re visiting the Regatta, or never been before, then check out my Huffington Post article from last year. I hope it debunks a couple of myths and gives you a flavour of what the racing is all about.

The Truth About Henley Royal Regatta


Rowing & Regatta

Mid-2013, the editor of the British Rowing members magazine (Rowing & Regatta) asked if I would like to start writing a column. She had liked some of the stuff I’d written elsewhere and thought – due to the work I had done with the 2013 Dorney World Rowing Cup – that I had an obvious interest in the wider rowing community. I was flattered that someone thought my work was worth publishing, so I snapped up the chance and set out a few topics I thought I would be good to cover. Wendy (the editor) has been great and gives me the odd push and pointer to help tweak articles. Below are the first six column pieces so far. Some are stronger than others! I try to keep an informative but lighthearted tone and I hope they spark conversation back in rowing clubs between sessions. Let me know any particular aspects you like and please feel free to send suggestions on topics you would like to see me cover!

P.S. Thanks to Wendy and the team for having me, it’s a useful way to step back and organise my thoughts and I’ve enjoyed my time so far.







Windermere Cup 2014

GB Rowing was invited to send a men’s and women’s eight to race the University of Washington at the Windermere Cup in Seattle. An annual event where the University of Washington invite some of the best crews from around the world to come and race them on their home turf. The ‘Huskies’ are probably the world’s leading university rowing programme. It was great to see their set up and we had a great time exploring the city of Seattle. While away, I took a fair amount of video footage with my GoPro and our cox Henry has stitched it all together – it looks great.